F2F Class Notes July 14th (Daniel)

Two days ago, another shooting happened in America. An African American man used a gun to shoot white people especially white/Caucasian police officer. During that time,3 cops were killed by the gunman and a lot of people who attend the cruise panicked. It is a horrible incident.

But it was something should never happen to begin with in America. America is a highly civilized and liberated nation. They have ways to prevent this case from happening, but they are not doing anything it.

Maybe, some people blame racial discrimination that white men have disrespected black man for centuries. Other people say that rude policeman’s’ behavior caused this shooting. But the most important thing is prohibiting American weapon and retrieve these guns from the street for now. If we do this, we can avoid “the Orlando shooting“ to happen again. Because bad guys are not able to attack to people without weapons and the policemen are no longer need to worry that suspects may point a gun to them.

It is difficult for American government to ban weapon, especially for gun supporter. The NRA(National Rifle Association of America) will persuade the governor to abandon this plan. It is possible in America according to the history. Maybe the governor is more focused on the economy than public security.