F2F Class Notes Jult 24th (Ben)


I live in Shanghai for more than 15 years –> have lived

live / lived / (have) lived
visit / visited / (have) visited

I need TO improve

more opportunity –> opportunitIES

many Chinese studentS
He speakS English

I graduateD from a university located in Shanghai
I majored IN

find / found / found

They look LIKE enjoyING life IS more important TO THEM.

NoT many
Bad FOR health

I worked IN + the cosmetic industry
AS + A marketing manager
IN/AT/FOR + many companies

Because… so –> SINCE it’s raining, I’m gonna stay home.
marketing calendar

According to the target consumer of the brand, we should choose the right product to launch.
THE Chinese market

consider (no about)

I am proud of HAVING been a member.

Gerund : eat -> eating
be -> being
have -> having

I cannot to do it -> I cannot do it