F2F Class Notes January 20th (Ben)


succeed 成功 = have success

sacrifice 牺牲 = to accept to lose something

If you want to succeed, you have to make sacrifices.

go along (with) 陪伴 = accompany someone

I went shopping and my mom went along with me ( = she accompanied me)

She didn’t find anything she liked.


too + not = either

  • I like pizza but I don’t like fish
  • I like pizza too and I don’t like fish either.

She didn’t find anything she liked.

I didn’t [find anything I liked] either = I didn’t either.

Questions start with DO or BE

Asking about a verb : DO (or will)

  • Do you like A?
  • Did you go shopping yesterday?
  • Will you go to school tomorrow?

Asking about something else: BE

  • Are you Penny?
  • Is she a teacher?
  • Am I right?
  • Were you at school yesterday?
  • Was she happy yesterday?
  • Were we right?
  • Will you be here tomorrow?
  • Will I be your teacher tomorrow?

Will is always followed by BE or another verb

  • Tomorrow I will in Beijing –> Wrong !
  • Tomorrow I will be in Beijing. –> OK
  • Next week, I will back home. –> Wrong
  • Next week, I will go back home –> OK
  • Will you here tomorrow? –> Wrong
  • Will you be here tomorrow? –> OK

Activity: Make questions with the following words (in the present, past and future tense)

  1. like, go, eat, drink, play, watch, want, succeed
  2. a student, happy, sad, in a hurry, Penny’s niece, the best day in your life

Will tomorrow be the best day in your life?