F2F Class Notes (Jacob)


Write 5 sentences about anything you want.


Bug/Insect – 虫子

Procure – to get something

eg. I want you to procure me a list of new English words.

Bite (past tense: bitten) – 咬 to close your teeth on something

eg. I was bitten by a dog/I have a dog bite

Toss – to throw something (very small throw)

Coin – small metal money

US: Bill/UK: Note – Money made from paper

Anxiety – to have a bad feeling (stress, worries, uneasy)

Stress – to have pressure from carrying something or on your mind

Thick – the opposite of thin, to have very wide, fat

eg. Do you like thin or thick bread

Shall – will/plan to/expect to

eg. I shall/will/plan to/expect to go to the market today

Bear – hold/support something negative (also the big animal)

eg. I can’t bear the stress/heat/cold

Positive (+) – something that is good (can mean yes)

eg. The temperature today is positive 30/(+30)/plus 30

Negative (-) – something that is bad (can mean no)

eg. The temperature is negative 5 /(-5) / minus 5