F2F Class Notes (George)


Prepare a short discussion on your ideal kind of work and the responsibilities you would like to have.

Next Class Focus


Seniority-What level or rank someone holds in a company.

e.g. What is his seniority in the company? Is he the CEO?

Senior-Someone who has a lot of experience in a certain field.

e.g. We are currently looking for a senior advertising executive who has at least 5 years experience.

Junior– Someone who is relatively new in a certain position or field.

e.g.  They hired a junior writer to write all the short articles because he lacks experience.

Appointed- To be given a certain role or responsibility

e.g. Vladimir Putin was appointed president of Russia once again.


Most time- Most of the time/Most times

someone who has his own but not shows out- someone who has his own plan but doesn’t show it.  

Two people will leave job-Two people will leave their job/this job/this company.

Will leave on the end of next month- Will leave at the end of next month.

Our team have 8 people- Our team has 8 people.

We have the same feeling of tiring from this kind of work- We all feel tired from doing this kind of work.

Vocabulary & Expressions are two things she’d also like to work on

Instead of using “running out of stamina” to describe low energy/lack of energy, we can use burned out.

e.g. If I keep working like this, I’m going to burn out/I will be burned out.

“It struck a chord.” (To strike something or someone) to bring up  a strong feeling in someone.

e.g. What he said about his parents really struck a chord with me.

To catch someone’s attention- to get their interest or focus.

e.g. what you said really caught my attention.