F2F Class Notes February 7th (Ben)


循环 a cycle

During the Chinese New Year, we keep eating and sleeping. It’s a cycle.

政治 politics

They like to speak about politics.


a gathering 团聚

unpredictable = you can’t guess how they will behave

Trump is very unpredictable – we don’t know what he’s up to.

spend time DOING / ON something

We just spent an hour and a half on the dinner and another hour and a half chatting.


After Spring Festival, many people are suffering a disease called holiday syndrome. THis is a psychological proble, the most obvious symptoms is worry about nothing and do everything without avsent mindedness.In Chinese idiom called QiRenYouTianliterally means a man od Qi who fear that the sky might down. Today, we use the idiom to describe anyone who always have unnecessary worries. Like it is hard to people from easy life to busy life.

Edited version

After the Spring Festival, many people are suffer from a disease called the Holiday Syndrome. This is a psychological problem whose most obvious symptoms are worrying about nothing and doing everything without absentmindedly. There is a Chinese idiom called “QiRenYouTian” that literally translates as a man called Qi who fears that the sky might fall down. Today, we use this idiom to describe anyone who always has unnecessary worries, like people who find it hard to go from an easy life to a busy one.