F2F Class Notes February 28th (Ben)


good / bad sides

There are good and bad sides to X (= work, life in Shanghai, working in sales, etc.)

estate = buildings and properties of someone / somewhere

integration = 混合,融合

panorama = wide view of a place (top of a mountain, looking at society, etc)

respectful = who respects other people

disrespectful = who doesn’t respect other people

resentment = to resent is to feel bitter because of something unfair

When the boss announced many people would be fired despite the good performance of the company, there was quite some resentment among employees.

go too far = 太过分了

You have gone too far. Stop immediately.

Europeans resent that immigration that has gone too far.

fortune = a lot of wealth

Jack Ma made a fortune with Alibaba.

The train will leave you at Huainan Station. The bus will leave you on Nanjing Road. The taxi will leave you in front of the building.

Where will the taxi leave me?

Where does that leave X = What is happening to X now? 可是 对 A 的结果怎么样?

  • I’m sorry but the company is going to fire many people
  • Where does that leave me?
  • I’m afraid you’re fired too.

Where does that leave the town that made its fortune with the help of migrant workers? = Where does that leave that town? 这个城市到底什么结果?