F2F Class Notes (Dan)


In response to wanting to sound more professional when speaking Business English, listen to the following three speakers for 10 minutes each. This is to give you an idea at the broad range how highly successful businessmen communicate in English.

On Youku search:

– Richard Branson (Richard Branson’s life at 30,000 feet.)
– Jordan Belfort  (Jordan Belfort: Art of Persuasion)
-Warren Buffet  (Warren Buffet. How to Really make money in the stock market)

Needs more review

TBC (From class with Celeste on the 11th of May)

Prepare or write example sentences with the vocabulary from the previous class.

Review the story below and find a way to better describe “delicate”. Finish editing the speaking in your next class.

The director put many grey humors or black humors in the story and they pictured different character of different roles and we can see some factors happened in current Chiner and some self watching/related something that happened to ourselves… sth we don’t do well and that we can do sth in the future.


donkey ( dong – kee )

his *** short i sound


Polite– Pol – light

Including – In – clue – ding

Speaking exercise

I am on the way to get familiar with the new company. I am getting/becoming…

It is a big challenge for me as it is in an English environment from our computer system to our daily communication we need use English everyday every moment.

I am becoming familiar with my new employment, it requires a lot of English. From office communications to dealing with clients.  
And i felt self conscious about it as my english not good enough – Feel/am (tense) & Is 

Two week 
That meeting need – Weeks Needs

When I look english email… It spend me more/ much time to understand. –  When I write an email in English, I take/spend too much time to understand

Her english is skillful. – 

She felt surprised, She said why?