F2F Class Notes (Ben)


炒 roast

地下二楼 at the second basement

a photo 照片 (=a photograph, a picture)

a photographer 摄影师

(photo = light 光, graph 写 –> photograph 写光,写真,照片)

a safe, a vault

Gallery Vault is a safe for pictures. It allows to keep your photos private.

last (动) = take time

One lesson at Smart English lasts 40 minutes.

Can I speak to you for 5 minutes? It won’t last.

When my grandfather fell sick, he didn’t last long. (= he died fast)

Bad teachers don’t last long at SE. (= they get fired fast)


I / You / We / They do

He / She / It does


  1. don’t, doesn’t = 不
  2. eat 吃, think 想, run 跑, do 做, 所有动词 (除了 can, will, might, may, should, could 之外)

I don’t eat, I don’t think, I don’t run, I don’t do

He doesn’t eat, He doesn’t think, He doesn’t run, He doesn’t do

He doesn’t eat a lot and he doesn’t run often. He doesn’t do sport. I told him he should do sport, but he doesn’t think it’s important.

I don’t do drugs. She doesn’t do drugs either.

He doesn’t do a lot of work here. I didn’t do my homework.