F2F Class Notes (Ben) [W]


see / saw / seen

I saw you yesterday.

which = the fact that the cakes were made of lovely shapes

the fact that  … = ….. 这个现象

I like the fact that you are always on time.

She always comes with her mom, which is really strange.

She goes to SE every day – which is good – but she never learns anything.

I don’t like coffee so much because I think it is bitter. I always add some sugar or milk.

I = 大写

跟 = with

a + 母音 = an 

形容词总是是单数的,比如说 : A five-year-old child is five years old. –> many fairy-tale stories

take / took / taken

which 只有和刚刚提到的名词有关系才能用: I love cakes which have salt = 我喜欢带盐的蛋糕。

Writing exercise


Last week,i came to a cafe named ‘someting sweet’which my friend.It was a enjoy day.My friend told me the cafe was popular which many people came here every day.(网红店) .
The cafe is beautiful which fitmeated pink-and-white,like a fairy-tales story.There were many girls who toke photos with their friends.
I loved cakes a lot which is lovely and delicious which made interest xingzhuang,like rabbit,or like angel,or like flowers which so cute.
I don’t like cafe so much because i think it is bitter ,i always added much salt or milk.

Edited version

Last week, I went to a cafe named ‘Something Sweetwith my friend. It was an enjoyable day. My friend told me the cafe was popular and many people came here every day.(网红店= a hot place).

The cafe is beautiful with pink and white, like a fairy-tale story. There were many girls who took photos with their friends.

I loved the cakes a lot. They were lovely and delicious and (they were) made of interesting shapes, like rabbits, angels or flowers, which was really cute.


made of = 由···组成

This table is made of wood. The cake is made of eggs and cream.

以下which 的用法:http://www.wenkuxiazai.com/word/98c87aa248d7c1c709a14574-1.doc