F2F Class Notes _7th Jun (Harmony)

It won’t be awful, but it will be sore = it’s not going to be horrible (pain), but it will still hurt a little.


Legend (ledg – end):  famous person/ someone who is excellent at what they do/did.

Eg.  Beckham is a legend at football.

Opponent (aw – pone – ent): (opposite) to be against sth.  A person you are fighting/ competing against.

Eg.  When I go bowling with my friends, my number one opponent is my husband.

Eg.  The two teams are opponents (competitors).

Eg.  I am an opponent to animal testing.

Eg.  I’m an opponent to animal cruelty.


Vietnam (vee – et – nam): country 越南



“world heavyweight champion”:  a title for the best boxer in the world.

Tribute (trib – yute):  pay your respects/ give a compliment/ show thankfulness (given to someone you respect/ that did sth important)

Eg.  People will go to Beijing to visit Mao’s mausoleum and pay tribute.

Eg.  People pay tribute to Zhang on April 1st.

Secretary (seck – re  – tare – e)

Transform:  to change shape/ to change (think of transformers the movie)

Eg.  We can use our knowledge to transform the world.

Legacy:  what you leave behind when you die/when you leave somewhere. A gift you give when you die.

Eg.  My legacy to Smart English will be well organized spreadsheets.

Eg.  My grandparent’s legacy is all of their children/ money/house/ business/debt.

United Nations:  several countries take part in setting up global policies/ laws.


Humanity:  all humans/humankind

Eg.  Global warming affects all of humanity.

Eg.  The dropping economic situation affects all of humanity.

Faith:  your belief’s/religion

Eg.  I don’t have faith.

Animal cruelty:  anything that harms animals/ any person that harms animals.

Eg.  Animal cruelty is very serious.

Eg.  Animal cruelty is very common in certain countries.

Cruel: (adj) harmful/harsh/ unnecessary hurt.  Enjoying the pain of others.

Eg.  Sally was fighting with Lily, it got so bad that they started being cruel and insulting each other’s hair/ boyfriends/ body type.

Eg.  Harmony is very sore from exercising, and was walking funny around the house.  Her husband started to make fun of her funny walk, so she told him not to be cruel.

Christianity:  a religion that believes in 1 God, and Jesus his son.

Christianty (Catholicism)/ Buddhism/Taoism/ Islamic (muslim)