F2F Class Notes _5th May (Harmony)

Britain (bri – tin)

Serious (seer – e – us)


First china woman who spoken in American congress – First Chinese woman who spoke in American Congress.

There is her speechinghere is her speech


Would (wood)

Privilege (priv – ledge) (priv – ih – ledge)


Aggressors (ah – gress – ors)


“Present August Body”:  this body of people that are present in the month of August.


Body of people: group of people.


Shaping:  molding, making, changing the shape. Shape/ shaped/ shaping

Ex:  I really want to shape my children into good humans.

Ex:  I am shaping my children to be responsible adults.

Ex:  I shaped the cake like a balloon.


Part (shorten it to 1 syllable)


Discharged:  dismissed/ fired, relieve of obligation or responsibility.

Ex:  If the team leader does not have a lot of knowledge they will discharge their employees.

Uphold:  hold up, to keep your promise/ follow the law

Ex:  You need to uphold the vision, when your shape your team.

Victim (vic – tum)

Before 2 (be – for)

Bled: past tense of bleed.

Ex:  People bled when the war was happening.

Blood:  the red liquid in our bodies.

Ex:  I don’t know which blood type I am.

Borne: (past tense of bear), to have held or supported

Ex:  I had borne their expenses.

Borne the burden of war = they have taken on the burden of war.  / they have been carrying the burden of war.

“That’s my cross to bear”:  ______ is my burden to carry.

Violence 3

Particularly (par – tic – u – lair – lee)

Excitement (eck – cite – ment)

Upon 2 (uh – pon)

Find 1

Quite (kwyte) 1

Quiet (kwy – et) 2

Quest:  mission, or journey, a search to find something, an expedition.

Ex:  You need to prepare a lot before you go on a quest.

Conscientiously (con – she – en – chus – lee)

Trivial:  meaningless, pointless, valueless.

Ex:  If you don’t know what your client said, your point is trivial.