F2F Class Notes _31st Mar (Harmony)


  • Set up the booth (install)
  • Take down the booth/tear down

cooking utensils (tongs, spatula):  tools used for cooking.

cross the border – to cross the between two countries

dormitory (dorm) – where the college students live


Shopping desire in the nightI get the desire to shop at night


Shopping Cart:  the place to put items that you are going to buy.

Ex:  If I find something I like on taobao, I will put it in my shopping cart.

Appliance:  an item that has one specific use, usually it’s electronic.

Ex:  washing machine, oven, tv, dishwasher.

Ex:  My friends bought all their appliances on taobao.

I confused why people can spend so muchI’m confused how people can spend so much?/  I’m confused why people will spend so much?

Ex:  I confused my shampoo with my conditioner.

Cost of living:  daily costs to stay alive, or to stay in one city.

Ex:  The cost of living in Shanghai is getting more and more expensive.

Saucer:  the dish that a tea cup will sit on.

Ex:  I bought a silver cup and saucer from the 1980’s.

I dare to buyI don’t dare to buy second hand clothes

Hair salon:  a place to get your hair done.

Ex:  My friend has a cool hair salon, decorated with second hand furniture.

Spent not very cheap – the cost is high  

We haven’t the other choice – we have no other choices