F2F Class Notes _31st Mar (Harmony)

Tips/tipping:  15%.

Getting the waitress/waiter’s attention

  • Polite/small wave is okay
    • “ May I please have a menu?”
  • Eye contact
  • Close your menu
  • Put your napkin onto your plate.

Tipping with Cash

  • “I don’t need any change back.”/ Keep the change
  • “Can you bring me $___ back.”
  • Leave the tip on the table after you get your change.

Tipping with Credit Card

  • There’s an option on the pin pad in order to leave a tip.

Pin pad: the machine that is used to take money from a credit/debit card.

  • “Do you need the machine?”

Can you bring the bill/check?/ Check please.

  • Split bill/ separate bill
  • All together/ all on one bill

Can you please clear the table?

Needs the customer dress up –  need to dress formal



  • Dress shoes – no flip flops.
  • Skirt/ dress
  • Nice pants (not jeans), blouse

Blouse:  a loose shirt for women to wear with or without a jacket, more formal.  Might have buttons, could have a collar or not.

Appetizer/ Main Dish/ Dessert/ Drinks

“Can I get this to go?”/ Can you pack this up for me?/ Can you bring me a container?

Sunny side up:  fried eggs that don’t get flipped over.

Over easy:  runny yolk

Over medium:  semi-runny yolk

Over hard:  hard yolk

Scrambled eggs:  fried eggs that are all mixed up.

Hard boiled eggs: eggs boiled with shell on.

Medium boiled eggs…

Poached eggs:  boiled eggs without the shell.

Poached medium/ poached hard

Omelette:  an egg with ingredients rolled up and fried.


Rare:  still bleedy

Medium –rare


Medium-well done

Well done

Bacon:  soft or crispy

Refill:  to get your drink filled again for free.

  • Fountain pop/soda (not canned)
  • Coffee/ tea/ hot water

Girly drink:  a sweet or fruity drink.

“Can you recommend a girly drink for me?”