F2F Class Notes _30th Jan (Harmony)

creative:  having a lot of original thoughts, or ideas.  Good imagination. 

ex:  Cooking is a job for very creative people.

ex:  The process he put into place at work is very creative.   

“black and white” thinking: someone who prefers to get solid answers for things, and doesn’t like answers that change in different situations.  It means there is always one rule, and one answer.

Gray areas:  a rule that changes in different situations. 

ex:  Most things in life are in a gray area, except if it is in regards to the law.  In this case it is always black or white. 

I don’t like to, but I should to – I don’t like to, but I should take more risks.

the news’ like this – news like this

juicer:  a machine to make juice.

ex:  I bought a juicer on the internet.

bungee jumping:  jumping off of a high surface with a rope attached to you. 

ex:  Bungee jumping is quite a dangerous activity for humans. 

article teacherart teacher

roller coaster:  a large ride that might have some upside down loops. 

ex:  I’m not brave enough to ride a roller coaster. 

report and monitoring the process of projectsreport and monitor the process..

profession: someone’s occupation, someone’s professional job that they are trained for.

ex:  My profession is an associate for clinical trials. 

braces: a metal bar for your teeth to adjust your teeth. 

ex:  I will get braces to straighten  my teeth.