F2F Class Notes _2nd June (Harmony) ***

Homework:  edit your responses to the questions.  Next class, review and edit as needed!


Finland – finish

Austria – Austrian

Immediate Family:  parents/siblings (grandparents maybe).

Extended Family:  the other family members (cousins, aunts, uncles)

Question/ Answer:

Q: Do bad mannered people upset you?

Of course, when I come across the street and the traffic light is green then at a driver wants to turn left, and he knows it’s time for pedestrians to go across the street and the light is green.  But he still wants to… drives faster than it should be slow down when you need to let pedestrians go.  And I think this guy is bad mannered because he’s very selfish and he doesn’t think about other people’s safety.

Q: Do you get angry when people make promises they can’t keep?

I think I will never be angry about this, because I seldom trust peoples promise.  For me I think promises is a very serious thing and if I want to make a promise that’s because I must be sure about this promise should be come true.  And I should be responsible for it.  But if other people make promises to me, I will think about whether they just make this promise under an emotional act, and I will think more about whether they make those promises by their true heart n that moment.  But some people forget, so don’t take it very seriously so sometimes just take it as a joke.

“I’ll believe it when I see it”:  I’ll wait to see if it comes true, before that I will not give it much merit.

Merit:  a good quality, or thought.  An amount of substance (true, what source, trustworthy?)

Eg.  My sister promised me that she would take me for dinner on my birthday, but she often forgets things.  So I don’t give that promise any merit.  (don’t give it any thought).

Eg.  Chinese baby formula (powdered baby milk) doesn’t have a lot of merit in this country.

Q:  Do you like to talk about your feelings?

I’m always a listener, I don’t think I’m an emotional person.  So I seldom/  I am barely mad at something or crazy about something.  I have no such extreme feelings.  I think I am very calm.

Level-headed: calm, not overly emotional, logical, no ups and downs with emotions.  Stable. Even – tempered, sensible, composed, balanced, reasonable

Hot-head:  someone who gets angry easily.

Rash:  acting in a hurry without considering things.  Making decisions without thinking about them… not reasonable, not stable.

Eg.  After the fight, my boyfriend made a rash decision and broke up with me.

Self-possessed:  to be in control of ones own feelings/behavior/reactions.

“Cool as a cucumber”: a way to describe someone who is really calm in a situation where they should have been mad/angry/upset.

“a bad egg/bad apple”:  a person who turned out bad/ is a bad influence.  (naturally bad)

“a rotten egg/rotten tomato”:  a person who is bad/ rotten.

“a bad seed”:  a bad influence.

“go bananas”:  go crazy.

“in a pickle”:  in a dilemma/ tight spot.

“a bun in the oven”:  to be pregnant.

Life is like a box of chocolates…. You never know what you’re gonna get.

Assorted chocolates: different ones.

Seldom (sell – duM)