F2F Class Notes _2nd Feb (Harmony)

I am born in Shanghai – I was born in Shanghai

we don’t contact together very often – we don’t get together very often/ we don’t contact each other very often. 

the close neighbourhood is better than the far neighbourhood – your close neighbours are better than your far away family. 

caps – couples

it’s very hard to us to clear – the relationship is complicated

brought many children is good – they encouraged them to have children

baby boomers:  a term for people born after world war 2.  Explains the large increase of the elderly population.

ex:  My parents generation is called baby boomers. 

we don’t like to borrowed money we don’t like to lend money

lend:  to grant use of something, or to give money to someone with the idea that they will return it.

ex:  If I don’t have enough money, I will refuse to lend money to my friend. 

we haven’t a big house we don’t have a big house

outgoing:  to describe someones personality if they are happy and want to talk a lot with other people. 

ex:  She is an outgoing girl and everyone likes her. 

abrupt: very obvious in manner, a way of speaking that is forward. 

ex:  Shanghainese dialect is very abrupt. 

the northest the most northern

haven’tdon’t have 

ex:  I haven’t done my homework yet. 

I have not done my homework yet.

ex:  I don’t have much time to complete my homework. 

character:  how honest someone is, or how they treat other people. 

personality: the visible part of how someone acts.  Such as outgoing, quiet, warm…