F2F Class Notes _2nd Feb (Harmony)

Online Class

the high train – the high speed train

play the fire bone – set off fireworks

fireworks: the loud device made to explode in the sky with lights. 

ex:  Children will set off fireworks for new years.

couplet: a pair lines of verse or poetry. 

ex:  We will hang a couplet outside the door for new years. 

dumpling: a round steamed food, filled with meat or vegetables. 

ex:  Many people from northern China will make dumplings for new years eve.

preparing about it – preparing for it

health care products:  any products that you might buy to improve or maintain good health.

ex: I purchased some health care products from amazon online.

it haven’t get to China – it didn’t arrive in China yet.

snack (snak)

wisdom teeth:  the furthest back teeth in your mouth.  Usually grows later in adult life.

ex:  I have to get my wisdom teeth removed.

journey to tripto take a trip