F2F Class Notes _28th Mar (Harmony)


How have you been?

Nothing – not ok

I have been okay.

Bitter – opposite of sweet – ku

Caterpillar – chong zi

Powder – fen – solid substance that is in a fine state of loose particles.

Sneeze – da pen ti:  when your nose is irritated and you need to clear it.


Behavior:  a type of actions or a way of acting that is accepted in public.  How you act.

Ex:  You must have good behavior when you are at work.

Ex:  Spitting on the subway is bad behavior.

Ex:  I only have friends with good behavior.

Wait the people after youhold the door for the people behind you

Something put the floor, we should take it to the trashIf there is garbage on the floor, you should pick it up

Vandalize:  to destroy something, or ruin something.  (breaking it, writing on it)

Ex:  You shouldn’t vandalize important historical things.

Ex:  I can’t vandalize things that are in public.

Do you behave differently with your friends than you would with family?

  • Does your behavior change around different people? – friends/family
  • Parents/older people

Old people can’t change difficultold people find it difficult to change



Ex:  You must have good behavior around old people.

  • Be polite (please, thank you)
  • Give them your seat on the subway
  • Hold the door for them
  • Say “good morning”

You have to change how you behave.