F2F Class Notes _26th May (Harmony)


anxious/nervous: that sick feeling you get before you have to do something you are afraid of.

eg.  I feel anxious when I don’t hear from my husband all day.

buffet (buff – ay)



abandon: to get rid of, to throw away, to give up.

eg.  The owner didn’t want the puppy anymore, so he abandoned it.

eg.  Last year I had a cat but my mom wanted me to abandon it. 

puppy:  baby dog.

eg.  I wanted to have a puppy when I was a child.

baseball:  the game with a red and white ball, a baseball bat.  played outside on grass.

eg.  I just watched baseball game in a movie/on TV.

stadium (stay – dee – um):  sports field, an area to hold a sports game.  Usually has seats so that people can watch/

eg.  Many people sit in the stadium to watch the game.

unwanted:  don’t want/ not wanted

eg.  The cat was unwanted by my mom.

baseball bat: the long wooden/metal sports tool used in baseball to hit the ball.

eg.  The baseball bat can be used as a weapon.

tag:  something that shows a name/ or brand/ or material for anything.

eg.  The puppy had no name tag, so they didn’t know who the owner was.

adopt: to take in something that needs a home, or doesn’t have parents.

eg.  Some people that can’t have babies will adopt one. 

eg.  Some animals are in need of homes, so hopefully people will adopt them.

president:  leader/ prime minister

eg.  My mom is the president of my house.

crowd:  a large group of people

eg.  After the accident, a large crowd of people appeared to watch.

eg.  There was a crowd of people who attended the concert. 

dehydrated:  thirsty, needing water

eg.  I worked all day so I am dehydrated.

vet/veterinarian:  pet doctor

eg.  When my cat was ill I needed to find a vet to take it to.

regular:  (rey – gue – lar) normal/ repeat customer

eg.  If I go to the same coffee shop every day, they will call me ‘a regular’.

greet:  welcome/ say hi.

eg.  Gloria at Smart English will greet you when you come in the door.

meant (ment)