F2F Class Notes _26th May (Harmony)***

Next Class:  finish making example sentences, and review the vocab.  

School Vocabulary:


globe:  a circular map

eg.  The teacher showed us where China is on the globe. 

bulletin board/ cork board: a board to post things on, usually with tacks or staples

eg.  In the class, the teacher always puts important things on the bulletin board.

bulletin: a piece of news. 

eg.  My tv show was interrupted by a new bulletin. 

thumbtack (silent b):  the pointy thing used to post things on the wall/ on the bulletin board.

eg.  The teacher always uses thumbtacks with the bulletin board. 

magnet:  metal that is attracted to other metal/ usually to stick things onto the fridge.

eg.  Harmony’s fridge is filled with pictures drawn by her nephews and held by magnets. 

overhead projector:  A box with a light, that projects special paper onto a screen.

eg.  An overhead projector is an important tool. 

projector: a general term for something that projects onto a screen (usually connected to a computer.)

eg.  We use a projector at the office. 

pull-down screen:  a screen that you can pull down from the ceiling. 

eg.  A pull-down screen is always used with the projector. 

cubby:  a spot for kids to hang their coat and shoes. 

eg.  In the classroom I saw a cubby behind the desks. 

stool:  a chair with no back. 

easel:  a wooden/plastic stand to hold pictures/boards/ artwork etc. on. 

bookcase:  a place to store books.

backpack:  a schoolbag, or a bag that you carry on your back with two straps.

tape: sticky stuff

pencil sharpener: device to sharpen pencils. 

highlighter:  special markers for showing important stuff. 

glue stick/paste:  sticky liquid/gel to stick stuff together.

crayons:  a colouring tool made from wax, usually for little kids. 

pen cap:  the top to a pen

playground:  fun climbing area for kids. 

school grounds/ sports field/ sports track

security guard: someone in charge of keeping things safe.

gym/gymnasium:  an indoor sports area (usually for basketball/volleyball etc.)