F2F Class Notes _26th Apr (Harmony)


Very high demanding for myself – I have very high standards for myself

Embarrassed – I feel embarrassed to ask for my money back even though it’s the right thing to do.

Guilty: you feel like you did something wrong.

Dilemma:  when you have to make a choice between two equally good options.

Ex:  When ordering lunch, I always find myself in a dilemma/ have a dilemma when choosing what to eat.

Headphones:  personal speakers used to listen to music quietly in your ears. 

Ex:  You should use headphones on the metro.

The stealerthe thief

They feel pity because I am leaving They feel sad that I am leaving.

They pity me = they feel bad for me

Do not too sad –  Do not be too sad

Hold a grudge:  when you hold onto something that made you mad, and you use it against someone later.  You don’t forgive someone, and then hold an anger towards them.

Ex:  I thought he had forgiven me, but it seems he’s been holding a grudge all these years.

Interrupt:  to start speaking when someone else is still talking.

Ex:  I hate those kinds of people who always interrupt others.

Respect is a basic level of politeness

Tent:  a temporary shelter for camping.

Ex:  This weekend we will go hiking, and sleep in a tent.

Marathon (mare – a – thon)

Desert (dez – ert)

Fundraising:  to raise funds/ money for an important cause.

Ex:  My boss ran a marathon for fundraising.

Gorgeous (gore – jus)

Junk Food:  snacks that have no value.  Chips, Chocolate, Soda.

Ex:  Stop eating junk food, and do more exercise.