F2F Class Notes _25th Mar (Harmony)

Metro:  another word for the subway.

ex:  I took the metro to work.

ninety (nine – dee)

educated (ed – jucated)

major (may – jer)

cluster:  a number of things of the same kind, or a group of things or people that are close together. 

ex:  In a new company you will find a cluster of people who have the same interests as you.

ex: A cluster of grapes.

evangelist:  usually someone who is trying to share religion with others.  Can be borrowed for other meanings.

ex:  Can we turn clinique fans to evangelists in digital world?  – Can we make our fans spread the word about our products?

vibrant:  a bright color, or maybe personality. – exciting, energetic, stimulating. 

ex:  My sister only wears vibrant colours.

ex: My sisters personality is rally vibrant.

The person is bright = the person is smart

pretentious (adj.): describes someone or something that thinks they are more important than they really are. They have a lot of pride.  They pretend to be more important.

ex:  a pretentious, self-important waiter.

unpretentious:  the opposite, describes something very humble or unassuming.  modest.

ex:  She is unpretentious, very humble and friendly. 

“girl next door”:  a girl who has simple taste, is lovely and friendly.

shallow (adj):  to describe someone who is only concerned about looks. Doesn’t care about personality.

ex:  My friend is so shallow, she only dates really handsome men. 

conservative (con – sur – va – tiv) (adj):  afraid of change, cautious, or traditional.

ex:  It is said that British people are very conservative. 

peer(noun):  a person of the same status. a general word for – friends, co-workers, teammates. 

ex:  I got this book from one of my peers.

ex:  I will make decisions based upon my peers opinions. 

facilitate:  to enable, or help. make easier.

ex:  facilitate advocacy among satisfied customers = enable advocacy among….

ex:  The computer facilitates an easier work day. 

advocacy:  the act of recommending, or pleading.

ex:  to enable the act of recommending among satisfied customers.

ex:  I was advocating clinique products to my friends.

ex:  Clinique encourages advocacy among peers.

ex:  Advocacy from fans is important for marketing a new product. 

synchronize:  to happen at the same time. – synchronized swimming

ex: Dance partners need to synchronize their movements.

ex:  The fireworks show was synchronized to the music.

consumers   (con – sume – ers) —- No sh!

wound (woond)  —woo!

win (focus on the ‘w’)

wind (wind)