F2F Class Notes _25th Mar (Harmony)

victimism (vic – tim – is – um)

prevalent (pre – vay – lent) (prev – a – lent) – your choice!

tendencies (ten – den – sees)

prior (pry – er)

philosopher (fill – os – a fer)

psychologist (si – kol – o – gist)


ex:  My mother lives through me.  (livs)

ex:  She wishes our lives were the same.   (lahyvz)

realm (relm):  a region within anything occurs. 

ex:  If you read a different type of book, you can have a different realm of knowledge.

ex:  The book takes place in an imaginary realm.

prevails: to exists everywhere, or to become dominant (to win)

ex:  In the novel, good prevails over evil.

ex:   Racism prevails heavily in the Southern United States. 

compass:  the tool that is used to navigate, North East, South West.

pertains:  is associated with, is relevant to.

ex:  This pertains to other areas of my life – this is relevant to other ares of my life. 

This pertains to every other realm of life.

ex:  This is related to every other area of life. 

transcend (tran – send):  to rise above, or go beyond.  They surpass or exceed.

ex:  They transcend beyond culture and geography – They are above culture and geography. 

repository (re – paws – it tory):  an item where things are placed or stored, a burial place.  A person to whom something is entrusted. 

ex:  The conscience is a repository for these principles – The conscience is responsible for these principles. 

read it at my childhood I read it when I was a little girl

I read it for english version – I have read it in English/ I am reading it in English

BBC – Pride and prejudice mini series 1995

2005 price and prejudice movie.