F2F Class Notes _24th May (Harmony) [3] ***

3: Technique: Grammar/Pro: review + free talk on topic (focus on errors)


Homework:  Use new words in writing a story!!!


universe (you – nih – verse)

doesn’t  – don’t forget the ’S’

signals (sig – nuls)

obvious (obb – vee – us)



wisdoM (wiz – duM)

probably (prob – ab – lee)

frustrating (frus – tray – ting)

frustrate/frustrated/frustrating:  to anger or annoy, or upset. 

eg.  Building Ikea furniture is frustrating.

eg.  When my husband builds ikea furniture with me, he gets very frustrated.

eg.  Please don’t invite my husband to build your ikea furniture, he will just frustrate the situation.

mutual (mew – chu – al):  something that is shared, held in common.

eg.  Leona knows Celeste, and Harmony knows Celeste.  Therefore Celeste is a mutual friend of Harmony and Leona.

eg.  My husband and I share mutual love for each other.

decode/decoded/decoding:  to solve, to figure out the code. (think like a spy/detective)

eg.  The detective decoded the important clue and found the bad guy.

eg.  When my cat is in a bad mood, I have to decode what’s wrong.

eg.  The little boy wants to decode who his real father is.

slip-up:  to make a mistake

eg.  There was a slip-up with my Mary Kay order, so I am missing 1 mascara.

eg.  I have a slip-up with my housework, so my husband is angry. 

eg.  My husband slipped-up, and forgot to pick up my daughter from kindergarten. 

mascara:  makeup for eyelashes.

eg.  Our company produces many mascaras in a day. 

steer:  to control the direction something is going. 

eg.  I will steer the car so that it stays in its lane. 

eg.  I have to make sure my daughter steers clear of candy.

steering wheel: the round handle you hold when driving a car. 

eg.  I haven’t held the real steering wheel, because I don’t drive.

flaw/flawed:  has mistakes, or errors, not perfect

eg.  I bought a dress, but now I see there is a flaw in the pattern/stitching. 

eg.  I got this shirt on sale because there’s a small flaw in it. 

eg.  There are many flaws in my daughters homework.

eg.  My husband is flawed, but I still love him.

to “fall short”:  to not hit the goal/target.  To not get to the finish line. 

eg.  The cat jumped, but fell short of the other side. 

eg.  She wanted to be an artist but finally fell short.

eg.  Our sales this week have fallen short of our target.