F2F Class Notes _24th May (Harmony)


scratch (skratch)

Comfortable – feels good

eg.  I like my bed because it’s comfortable. 

hiring (high – er – ing)

eg.  we employ over 300 people! – use 300+ people

eg.  we are hiring over 300 people! – need 300 + people

Picture — Restaurant:

watching the menu reading the menu

the waiters service the client/ the waiter serves the food

wine/water glass

casual:  not formal/ not business related.

eg.  They are dressed for a casual meal.

eg.  They are out for a casual dinner. 

life/ lifeguard ring:  a round floating thing to save peoples lives. 

problem/dilemma:  something you are having a hard time solving/ you can’t pick between the two choices. 

eg.  I always have a dilemma about what to eat when I go to a buffet. 


anxious/nervous:  that sick feeling you get before you have to do something you are afraid of.

eg.  I feel anxious when I don’t hear from my husband all day. 

stress:  anything in your life that causes you to feel under a lot of pressure.


eg.  My boss wants me to do 4 peoples worth of work, and I am so stressed.

eg.  My boss is stressing me out.

frustrate/frustrated/frustrating:  something that causes anger or confusion.

eg.  Building my Ikea table was so frustrating.

eg.  When my client asks for another change, I am so frustrated with them.

buffet (buff – ay):  when food is served on tables and you go up and serve yourself. 

eg.  My favorite thing at the buffet is the ice cream.