F2F Class Notes _23rd Jan (Harmony)

so I point on it so I clicked on it

to keep their fit – to keep fit

acne:  pimples on the face.

ex:  If I eat some spicy food I may get some acne. 

quick noodles – instant noodles

procrastinate (verb):  avoiding to do things until the last minute.  Or waiting until right before the deadline to accomplish something.

ex: My boss gave me some work to do and it’s hard to accomplish it so I will procrastinate. 

karaoke: KTV. 

ex:  Today is my friends birthday and he asked us to go to karaoke to celebrate. 

I can wait you I can wait for you

admire (verb):  wonder or surprise about something, to approve of something or maybe be proud of someone.

ex:  I admire people who have a strict sleep schedule. 

ex:  I admire someone who can do everything well, and has strong abilities. 

not respect – disrespectful