F2F Class Notes _23rd Feb (Harmony)

acquaint (uh – kwaynt)

ex:  I am acquainted with my sons teacher. 

acquaintance (noun):  to know a person, maybe someone you don’t know that well. (friend of a friend)

ex:  One of my acquaintances is related to my brother. 

ex:  The man is just an acquaintance, we are not close.

distinguish (dih – sting – gwish)

ex:  I cannot distinguish the difference between a and b. 

Downton Abbey – tv show

inherited a relativea relative would inherit the property

no any sons – doesn’t have any sons

he has two inherit name list – He has two choices to give the inheritance to. 

in the titanic on the titanic

he is very far away from – a distant relative

lawyer (loy – er)

married with  Matthew- got married to Matthew/ Mary married Matthew

traffic jam – traffic accident

half season – I have watched about half of the series

Season:  tv show that is broken up into portions that are aired on tv.  Usually called season 1,2,3…..

ex:  I love downton abbey season 1 the most. 

Series: is the entire show, each season added together. 

ex:  American tv series are my favourite. 

episode:  a smaller part of the season, broken into maybe 45 minute times. 

ex:  I watch 1 tv episode every night before bed.

Episode:  a series of events in someones life.   Usually used to describe an emotional time in someones life.  Or a child who has a temper. 

ex:  The child had an episode when she didn’t get the candy she wanted. 

portions(noun):  a way to separate things, or a way to divide things.

ex:  I divided the rice into equal portions. 

ex:  I gave my husband the first portion of rice. 

realists (ree – uh – list):  a person who views the world as it really is, or represents things like it really is. 

“City never sleeps”:  the city doesn’t shut down at night.  Things are always open.