F2F Class Notes _23rd Feb (Harmony)


mortgage (more – gauge)

Status – your position in society, social standing

Ex. I hope to get a promotion this year as I would like to raise my status

Ex. I need to raise my status in this company first before I look for a new job as I am worried about starting at the bottom again

regime (re – jeem) : also can mean a group of people that are in power, or a government in power. 

construction worker: someone who builds buildings.  A general work title for people who build buildings. 

  • painter: a worker who paints the walls.
  • roofer: a worker that works on the roof of the building
  • framer: a worker who builds the walls for the building. 

contractor:  either a person, or a broad term to describe someone who is in charge of a construction project. 

stability (noun):  the state of being stable.  Doesn’t have a lot of change, and can hold a sense of consistency. 

ex:  My job is stable. 

ex:  The relationship of the colleagues is stable.

ex:  I have stability within the relationship of my colleagues. 

wine:  a drink made of grapes that is alcoholic.

ex:  I don’t like to drink wine. 

variety: the state of being varied, different forms or states. 

ex:  In disney there is a variety of entertainment.

will be expensive than normal days will be more expensive than….