F2F Class Notes _23rd Feb (Harmony)

not very hurt – didn’t(doesn’t) hurt very much

swollen:  (adj.) something is enlarged, or puffed up.

ex:  My face was more swollen yesterday than today.


pyjamas: sleeping clothes

onesie  – plural onesies

dinosaur:  animals that don’t exist anymore.  恐龙

costume:  something you will wear to pretend you are someone or something else. 服装

Single Life:

I need to single I need to be single

my last life – the rest of my life

spend more experience – get more experience

they don’t always be happy – they aren’t always happy

intimacy: a close feeling to have with someone.  Can be romantic feelings, or a feeling of familiarity and comfort.

ex:  People are always looking for the right person to build an intimate relationship.

old maid: a older woman who didn’t marry.  (Crazy cat ladies).

ex:  There are some problems in the life of an old maid. 


red envelope:  Chinese gift for special occasions.  Filled with money.