F2F Class Notes _21st Mar(Harmony)

It was written by a Japanese Author/writer.

The book is comprised of several short stories. 

comprised:  to be composed of, or consist of. 

ex:  My lunch was comprised of rice, shrimp, and vegetables.

ex:  My job is comprised of budgeting, and reporting.

The one I found most interesting in the book….

Who is cheated who cheated on her, and abused her

he has an affair (current) – he had an affair (past tense)

he didn’t supported family – he didn’t support the family/ he never supported the family/ he didn’t offer to pay child support. 

had to worked hardly – she had to work hard

alcoholism (noun):  dependance on alcohol, repeated excessive use of alcohol.

ex:  She is an alcoholic, the parents must bare her alcoholism. 

killed her husband by knife with a knife

admitted that crime – admitted to the crime

the masses has written a lot of letters – the masses wrote a lot of letters

shrimp (shrimp)

make me body healthy – make my body more healthy

on the evening – in the evening

On weeknights I go swimming

On Wednesdays I go swimming

before the swimming closed I go swimming in the evening, before the pool/gym is closed.

There are fewer people/ less people/ not as many people/ not as noisy/ not as busy.

mystery novel/ mystery book/ detective novel/ thriller/ whodunit novel (who done it)