F2F Class Notes _21st Mar (Harmony)


sweat:  when you exercise and water comes out of your skin.

ex:  When I exercise, I will sweat a lot.

ex:  If I eat spicy food, my face will sweat.

stress: lots of pressure, or a lot of deadlines.

ex:  You will be angry when you are feeling stress.


panic: to suddenly be filled with fear. ex:  I slept through my alarm, so I was panicking when I woke up.  ex:  The people will panic when the robber enters the bank. 

stress eating

stress shopping


running around

blood is flowing faster

cause:  the reason something happened.

ex:  The cause of my stress is my boyfriend.

ex:  The causes of my stress is a heavy workload.

the manager will think you are not quickly for your job the manager will always think you aren’t working fast enough

healthy stress:  a level of stress/pressure that is good for you to keep you working hard.

ex:  A good healthy stress can stabilize your emotions. 

basketball court: the entire area where a basketball game takes place

ex:  There are a lot of courts in your university, such as basketball court, tennis court etc.

go off the work get off work

I will feeling happy when I get off the work – I will not feel stressed once I am off work/  I will not feel stressed once I get off work.

If I am feeling stressed at work, right when I get off work I will feel good.

stuffed animals: toy animals that are soft for cuddling.

ex:  If you have a daughter I will give her a lot of stuffed animals as a gift. 

speech:  a prepared talk that you will give to someone.

ex:  I have prepared a speech to give to my animals.

ex:  I want to prepare an ambitious speech for tomorrow’s lecture.

cure:  something that will solve the illness or problem.

ex: I will share some junk food with my friend to cure his stress.

ex:  The young and the elderly are more likely to need a cure for illness.