F2F Class Notes _21st Mar (Harmony)

even we give them the informationeven if we give them the information

tattoo (tah – too)

I and my boyfriend – My boyfriend and I

famous to eat – famous place to eat

they wear history clothes – they wear traditional clothes.

relationship is very best – best friends

drove a horse – rode a horse

scuba dive: diving under water with oxygen, to see fish.

ex:  I want to go to the republic of Palau to scuba dive. 

snorkelling:  swimming with fish in shallow waters and a snorkel. 

ex:  I want to go snorkelling in Thailand. 

contacts:  the small lense that goes in your eye so you can see better.  instead of glasses. 

ex:  The girl liked to wear different coloured contacts.

protective case:  a case to keep your electronics safe.  ex: water, or drops. 

If you go to a city by the sea, you must get a protective case for your camera.

protect:  to keep safe

ex:  Your brother will always protect you.

electronics:  anything that runs off of a battery.  Laptop, phone, camera, go pro.  Anything that needs power to run. 

ex:  I am an electronics fan, I really like apple products. 

electricity: the type of energy that runs things like lightbulbs, or your heater etc. 

ex:  My house has many machines that need electricity.