F2F Class Notes _21st Apr (Harmony)

How are you?


Friend – be honest



Professional – lie

  • I’m doing well thank you, and you?
  • I’m great thanks.


Filtration (fiLL – tray – shun)/ filter:  the act of filtering.

Flown in:  transported by a plane

Ex:  The lobster was flown in fresh today.

Chlorine (klor – een) 必应词典:  a chemical used to clean water.

Pesticides (pess – tih – sides)

Laden (lay – denn):  loaded with, burdened.

Ex:  The man was laden with money problems.

Ex:  The river was laden with pollution.

Inhaling (in – hail – ing) inhale:  the action of breathing in.

Exhale:  breathing out

Micro – particles:  extra small particles.

Particles:  a small portion, piece or fragment.


They add plenty of chlorine, and then some. = They add more than enough chlorine, and then keep adding to it.


Emissions:  discharge from something.

Ex:  The emissions from chemical factories polluted the air and water.


The chemicals and pesticides from farms that have sunk into the ground. = the chemicals… that the ground absorbed.


Ex:  The boat sunk.

Ex:  I needed time to let the information sink in.


Soak up: (verb phrase) to absorb or take in the information.

Ex:  I need to soak up the information.

Ex:  I need a towel to soak up the spilled water.

Hard water: has a lot of minerals – leaves deposits (leaves minerals in things.)

Soft water:  doesn’t leave deposits (minerals on things.)

Strip:  to remove.

Ex:  The child came in covered in mud, so I stripped him down and dropped him in the bath.

Ex:  Before we paint the walls, we must strip it of the ugly wallpaper.  / we must strip the ugly wallpaper.

Ex:  The Victoria secret models have to strip very quickly during the show.

Irritate:  to excite to the point of making something upset or angry.

Ex:  When children are complaining it is very irritating.

Ex:  After I shower, my legs are itchy and irritated.

Ex:  I find it irritating when my husband leaves the toilet seat up.

Ex:  I was irritated by the crowds on the train.

Hard water + chlorine+ dirty/ impurities on the skin = you are never really clean.

Dissolve:  to melt into, to bring to and end, destroy.

Ex:  I dissolved some lemonade (juice crystals) powder into my drink.

Ex:  I dissolved the milk powder into the water for my son.

Ex:  Our partnership was dissolved after our disagreement.

Ex:  The rainy weather dissolved my good mood.