F2F Class Notes _17th Mar (Harmony)

besides I get up later besides that I wake up late/ that I always sleep in

stay up all night

not for hungry – When I’m not hungry, but want to have a snack

almost I will choose sweet food – I will choose sweet food over bitter food.   

it will keep you healthy for your stomach – it will keep your stomach healthy

sweat:  when you exercise and water comes out of your skin.

ex:  When I exercise, I will sweat a lot.

ex:  If I eat spicy food, my face will sweat.

blood flowing:  when you heat your body to make the blood circulate faster. 

ex:  Your blood will flow quickly when you do some heavy exercising. 

according to my mind – whenever I decide/ whenever I want to

stress: lots of pressure, or a lot of deadlines. 

ex:  You will be angry when you are feeling stress. 

– eating (noun) is very important to me.

the dinner was eaten by the family.

women (weh – men)(wo – men)