F2F Class Notes _15th Mar (Harmony)

short – sighted: unable to see far away

far – sighted: unable to see up close

ophthalmology (opp – tha – mall – a – gee)

myopia (my – oh – pee – a): the medical term for short sightedness (nearsightedness)

medical term:  a proper word used by medical professionals, like a doctor.  (scientific)

sightedness (sigh – ted/tid – ness)

pinpoint (noun): to locate or describe exactly.. something precise. 

ex:  adj.  He completed the surgery with pinpoint (precise) accuracy. 

ex:  You need to give a pinpoint view of the training so that the attendee can decide if they will attend the training. 

Cause (noun) (cawze):  something that makes an effect.

cause – an effect

ex:  the coffee cup falls, which would cause the floor to be wet with coffee.

ex:  If spent all of my money, it would cause me to be poor. 

Because – ‘cause (cuz):  shorted version of because (slang)

carpet (car – pet)

onset: the beginning or start of something.

ex:  onset of myopia/ beginning of myopia

ex:  My grandmother has early onset dementia.   

co-author: when two people write a book together.  2 or more authors.

ex:  As I know, most famous books was co-authored.   

journal (jer – null)

____ – fold:  ____ times

ex:  This is 7 times increase…

ex:  this is seven – fold increase