F2F Class Notes _14th Mar (Harmony)

manners:  a way of behaving with polite standards.  Usually what is acceptable for your social class and culture. 

ex:  Would you tell me an example of good manners in your country?

ex:  It is important to have good manners around your grandparents.

we can’t put the chopstickswe can’t cross the chopsticks

finish some things on time – finish your tasks on time

wait until he’s finished don’t interrupt

interested for something – interested in something

hat:  a cap for your head to cover your hair or ears.

ex:  It is impolite if you don’t take off your hat at the table.

owl:  a large predator bird.  Can be taken as a bad gift in certain cultures.

ex: An owl is an animal that was in the Harry Potter movies.

make us trouble will cause trouble

Cell Phone Manners:

  • rude to hang up the phone without saying goodbye
  • good manners to respond to your boss right away
  • bad manners to send a work message on the weekend
  • bad manners to break someones phone

Table Manners:

  • don’t cross your chopsticks
  • eat everything in your bowl
  • don’t speak loudly
  • always fill other persons drink glass, not your own
  • bad manners to be late for the meal
  • good manners to help the host clean up

head of table:  the most prominent seat at the table, reserved for the eldest guest, or guest of honor.

ex:  My grandpa always sits at the head of table when we have a meal together. 

Public Manners

  • let elderly have the seat on the metro
  • let pregnant women have the seat on the metro
  • don’t vandalize

vandalize (verb):  to destroy or ruin the look of something.  Like drawing art on a wall that isn’t yours, or ripping down a poster on a wall.

ex:  He vandalized the painting in the museum.

fountain:  a pool of water that shoots water or has fish in it. 

go to the toilet in public/ go to the bathroom in public

ex:  There is a big fountain in the middle of my hometown.

lift = elevator