F2F Class Notes _14th Mar (Harmony)

the played characterthe voice actor is very good

uplifting (adj.):  something that is inspirational, or gives hope.  Encouraging.

ex:  the story is very uplifting

inspiration:  something that causes you to feel good, or makes you want to work harder.  To have a desire, or an idea to do something.

ex:  The bunny had inspiration to be a police officer.

ex:  I saw a beautiful flower, it was inspiration for my painting.

bunny (bun – nee) rabbit

she was made itshe made it

the school have a lion student – the school has a lion student

her is very smallshe is very small 

become a policebecome a police officer/ she became a police officer

speeding ticket:  when you drive over the speed, the police will stop you to give you a ticket.

ex:  If you drive your car over the speed limit, maybe you will get a speeding ticket.

ex:  You will be given a speeding ticket.

can you open 100 ticketscan you give 100 tickets?

solve (solv):   to find an answer to a problem.  / find a solution/ find a way

  • solved (past tense)

I go one weekI go once a week

screen: the large display that a movie is shown on, part of the television.

ex:  My home television screen is 55″ (inches)./ the Television at my house….

popcorn:  the snack at the movie theatres, made of corn kernels that are popped out and covered usually in salt and butter.

ex:  When you go to the theatre you always buy popcorn and coca cola.

snake = animal

snack = a food to eat between meals.