F2F Class Notes _14th Apr (Harmony)

Traffic jam:  when traffic doesn’t move because there are too many cars on the road.


Coworker / Colleague – tong shi

Hobbies:  things or activities people like to do for fun, not work.

Ex: reading, swimming, watching tv, painting.

Lyrics (leer – ics)

Snack:  eat between meals

Snake:  an animal

French fries:  deep fried (hot oil) slices of potatoes.

Potato chip:  thinly fried slices of potatoes that are crunchy to eat.


Journal (jer – nul):  a special book that you write your thoughts in, like a diary.

Straight:  no curves, no corners.

Ex:  The car goes straight down the street.

Ex: (adj)  The man got straight to the point of the conversation.

The cover of the book:  the very front of the book

Specifically (spe – sif – ic – lee)

All day long:  the whole day

“come in handy”:  will be useful

childhood:  your life when you were a child.

Ex:  I want you to tell me about your childhood.

Morons:  a mean word to describe other people that aren’t very smart.

Ex:  I have a friend, I think he is a moron.

Stuck:  to be somewhere that you can’t get out of.  Trapped.

Ex:  My cat got stuck under the bed.

I’m stuck in middle school with a bunch of morons = I’m trapped in middle school with a lot of dumb people.

Dumb:  stupid

Dumbest:  very stupid/ most stupid

Bullying (bull – e – ing):  people being mean to others.

Ex:  Bullying is a big problem at middle schools.

Bully:  someone who is mean to other people all the time.

Ex:  I tried my best to stay away from bully’s in high school.