F2F Class Notes _13th May (Harmony)

Maid of honor:  the brides best friend, the bridesmaid that stands beside the bride during the ceremony.

Bridesmaid:  other girls that are a part of the wedding party.

Best Man:  the grooms best friend, stands beside the groom during the ceremony.

Groomsman/Groomsmen:  other men that are part of the wedding party.


Wedding Party/ Bridal Party:  Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, and Groomsmen.


Flower girl:  little girl that drops flower petals up the aisle before the brides comes out.


Ring Bearer:  a little boy that will carry the rings up the aisle.  Usually with the flower girl.


Red envelope: a package of money

Card:  a card in an envelope, sometimes with money inside.

It takesit costs

Photo studio:  a place to go to get professional photos.


Wedding night:  the night after the wedding, (western culture) get a nice hotel.