F2F Class Notes _13th Apr (Harmony)

Review Class:

How are you?/ How are you doing?/ How do you do?

  • Good/ Bad//// whatever…
  • And you? (polite to ask them how they are doing)

Graduate:   I am a graduate (noun) of Jiaotong University.


Past tense (verb):  He graduated from Jiaotong University


Coworker / Colleague – tong shi


What’s your job?/ What do you do?/  What do you do for work?/ Where do you work?


What do you like to do in your free time/ Spare time/ for fun?/ hobbies?

Hobbies:  things or activities people like to do for fun, not work.

Ex: reading, swimming, watching tv, painting.

Obsessed (obb – sest) – very focused on something

They are obsessed with this movie star.

Lyrics – words in a song

uplifting (adj.):  something that is inspirational, or gives hope.  Encouraging.

ex:  the story is very uplifting

inspire (verb):  to produce a feeling, or to influence.

Ex:    The beautiful flower inspired me to paint.

Ex:  Her speech was inspiring, it made me want to be a painter.

Inspiration (noun):  a result of inspired activity/ a thing or person that inspires.

Ex:  the flower was the inspiration for the painting.  = the painting resulted because of the beautiful flower.

solve (solv):   to find an answer to a problem.  / find a solution/ find a way

  • solved (past tense)

popcorn:  the snack at the movie theatres, made of corn kernels that are popped out and covered usually in salt and butter.

ex:  When you go to the theatre you always buy popcorn and coca cola.

French fries:  deep fried (hot oil) slices of potatoes.

Potato chip:  thinly fried slices of potatoes that are crunchy to eat.

Slice:  a thin, flat piece cut from something.  A smaller portion or part of something.

Acquaintance:  someone that you know, but not very well.  (friend of a friend)

Split up – means to separate

Ex:  My parents got a divorce/ My parents split up.

Ex:  We split up the snacks between us./  We separated the snacks between us.

Snack:  something you eat between meals.

  • Junk food—popcorn, candy, chocolate

We split up because we were fighting/ fight over (about) the car____ blah blah blah.

We split up to watch the movie (we sat separately).