F2F Class Notes _12th Apr (Harmony)


Shower shoes/ shower sandals:  shoes that are used in the shower.

Ex:  Shower shoes are only used in the bathroom.


The root of something:  the main cause, or the bottom cause of something. (the main reason)

Ex:  The root cause of her anger was her lack of money.

Ex:  The root cause of my disappointment was my low score.

The root of all evil:  the main cause of evil

Evil:  morally wrong, harmful.  Not helpful.

Ex:  Hamburgers are evil for children’s health.

Ex:  The bad guy in the movie was very evil.

Pop: type or style of music. (popular music)

Ex:  I like to listen to pop music.

Researchers did a study that compared the spending habits of customers of a bank with their personality.

  • Comparing between their spending habits (what they spend on normally) and their personality.
  • Trying to find a connection between personality and spending

625 – six hundred and twenty five

fit our personalities: match our personalities (suitable for us)

well-being:  overall/total health.. mental health, physical health.

Ex:  Mothers are always concerned about their children’s well-being.

Ex:  The Well-being of my son is very important to me.

Kitchen Items:

Cupboards:  the storage area with doors that you can open and close.

Ex:  Cupboards are very useful to store things.

Knife block:  the wooden or plastic holder for knives.  Usually sits on top of the kitchen counter.

Ex:  After using a knife or scissors, we should put them into the knife block.

Scissors (siz – ers)

Microwave:  an electric appliance to re-heat food.

Ex:  The microwave is very useful, but it isn’t very healthy for us.

Oven fan:  to suck the smells out of the kitchen.  Usually above the stove top.

Ex:  My husband always puts on the oven fan after he finishes cooking.

Dishwasher:  the appliance that washes and dries the dishes.

Ex:  Dishwashers can help us to clean and dry the dishes.

Oven:  a large item to bake food (like chicken wings) – big

  • Not popular in china

Toaster oven:  a small oven to bake food.  Sits on the counter.  – medium

Ex:  On the weekend my mother always uses the toaster oven to cook some biscuits.

Toaster:  to toast bread slices – small

Ex:  In the morning my husband prepares breakfast for our son using the toaster.

Refrigerator/ fridge:  large appliance for keeping food cold.  (ice box)

Ex:  At home we cannot live without a refrigerator.

Juicer:  the appliance to make juice from fresh fruit.

Ex:  I like to make fresh juice with the juicer.

Toast:  (verb)to lightly bake something/ to brown something (to change the color to brown)./ (noun)to describe bread that is cooked.

Ex:  We will toast some bread in the toaster.

Ex:  We eat toast for breakfast with peanut butter.