F2F Class Notes _11th Apr (Harmony)

Button:  the flat round item on a jacket or pants that fits into another hole to keep the clothing on.

  • I will button my jacket to stay warm

Laces:  the strings on your shoes

  • Tying your shoe laces

Flat (adj):  a surface that doesn’t have any bumps or holes.  Something that is level.

Ex:  I like to go for a walk on a flat surface, I dislike walking up hills.

Ex:  I like to ride on a flat surface.

Roll:  to turn over, like a wheel.  Or to move with wheels.

  • I will roll up my sleeves
  • I will unroll my sleeves

Put my hat on/Put on some pants/ Put on a sweater

Scratch:  to dig or scrape at something.

  • I scratched my arm because it was itchy.

ex:  I’m scratching my back.


  • Put on some earrings
  • Take off my earrings

Bruise:  when your skin is purple/yellow and sore to the touch.

Ex:  I have bruises after I got some cupping done.

Ex:  I bruised my neck, and it was red.

Learn to him – learn from him

If I have unhealth – If I feel unhealthy/sick


Every 3 months, I will do a drink only fast for 7 days.

Just to help you better – Just to help you feel better during the winter