F2F Class Notes 9th May (Celeste)

take a rest 

We just walked for one hour, I need to rest.

take a break

I took a break from SE to focus on university.

Let’s take a break for today and we’ll get back to the lesson tomorrow.

adapt/adapting/adapted > change

Japanese cuisine is adapting to Chinese customers eating habits/preferences in Shanghai.

You can see >> you can find

Southeast Asia is hot and humid like Shanghai during the summer.

I have been there twice in my last one year.

I have been there twice last year.

Just watching more TVs and dramas.

Just watching more TV and dramas.

mimick <> parrot

When I watch Chinese dramas, I parrot how the actors talk.

I am like a parrot.

plug it in – to put sth into sth

plug it into the outlet to charge the battery.

electrical outlet / outlet – place on the wall/floor to get electricity


I need my battery.


I need my charger to charge my phone.

cord – like a rope

Can you get the cord for me so I can charge my computer?


I need to lose weight.

My phone battery is losing power.

My phone lost power. > My phone is dead.

I lost my phone.

Interview preperation

i calm my mind and investigate the problem from another side

I can calmly investigate the problem from another perspective when I encounter difficulties

i used to be really shy but I fixed it during university by giving a lot of speeches.

I used to be really shy but I overcame this at university with numerous/various public speaking courses.