F2F Class notes 9th June (Christian)

Practice= to do something to get better

Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you, my names Will Wangchong
Its an honor to meet you and have this opportunity to introduce myself to you. For 23 years its been my dream to become a pilot and it’s a dream I hope that you can help me realize.
Im currently studying electrical engineering at Nantong University in my Native Shanghai.
I like to exercise and take pride in looking after both my body and more importantly my mind, therefore I am an avid reader and strive to keep up to date with all aviation developments. In my down time however I like to read books by authors such as: as well as play football with my friends.
Electrical engineering encompasses a very broad array of engineering techniques and devices all specifically aimed towards electronics supplemented with advanced mathematics.
For example, Integrated circuitry, advanced algebra, and statistics.

I particularly enjoy the physical education aspects of the course that allow me to keep fit and play sports whilst studying.

In addition to what I have mentioned I also take intensive English Language lessons in order to perfect my skills, on top of that I also take professional singing lessons- another passion of mine.

Prior to this interview I read up on a lot of aviation information and also added additional English lessons to my schedule as to better perform in this interview.

This interview means the world to me and the idea of failure is something I cant and don’t want to imagine- put simply, failure is not an option.
That being said, I am more than willing to do whatever is required to make my dream come true.

Weaknesses: I hold myself to very high standards and when I don’t achieve them it deeply affects me.
I can sometimes over work myself instead of resting, which has had negative effects on my life.