F2F Class Notes 9th January (Tony)


I usually spend half the month out of Shanghai.

I don’t really like drinking. (means you don’t like alcohol)

Every 2 weeks – after 2 weeks you do something again

eg: “Every 3 months I fly back to America.” “Every 3 days I go to the gym.” “I go out to travel every two weeks.”

liquor – strong alcohol, like Baijiu(40-60%), Vodka (clear) (30-40%), whiskey (30-40%)

eg: “I don’t usually drink liquor, it’s too strong for me.”

wine – alcohol made from grapes (13-18%)

brew V. – niang – to make or prepare (a beverage, as tea) by mixing, steeping, soaking, or boiling a solid in water.

eg: “Can you brew a pot of coffee?” “This is fresh brewed coffee.”

a beverage –  yin liao – a drink, probably not water

eg: “I really need a beverage with dinner.”

steeping V. – to let tea or a similar drink sit in hot water.

eg: “The tea needs to steep for about 5 minutes.”

soaking V. – to let it sit in water

eg: “I heard it is better to let your vegetables soak in water before you cook them.”

allergic – bad physical reaction to a substance.

eg: “I’m allergic to alcohol, my skin gets red.” “My sister is allergic to milk and wheat, so there are many things she can’t eat or she will get sick.”


Liquor – Lik-ker

Liquid – Li kwid