F2f Class Notes 9th April (Rab)

Have good communication in their life – good communication skills

Extrovert – someone who socialises outwardly, a very sociable person 
Introvert – someone who preffers their own company and looks inward for satisfaction and happiness

Ex. I was more of an introvert before
Ex. I need to be an extrovert at work

External – outside
Ex. The external window is dirty but we can’t reach it from inside
Ex external factors are making it difficult to trade

Internal – inside
Ex. There seems to be some internal bleeding that may hurt him more

Vertical – up and down 
Horizontal – side to side

Horizon – the line of the land at a distance
Ex. I can see the city lights on the horizon
Ex. It is exciting when we see the sun rise up from the horizon
Ex. I try to always broaden my horizons

Ingredients – the things you put into a meal
Ex. This meal has a lo of ingredients

Origami – paper folding in Japan