F2f Class Notes 9th April (Rab)

Parasol – an umbrella for the sunshine

Paragliding – flying in the sky with a kind of kite attached to you, a parachute
Parasailing – flying in the sky with a set of wings or structure which allows you to fly

Ex. We went paragliding behind a boat on holiday

My friends and I to talk with him – my friends and I went to talk with him

I talked with her… – use of her
Then she took me to go… – use of she

Qualification – to be able to do something
Pronunciation- kwol-i-fication
Ex. I want to go to Thailand to take a test to get my qualifications for parasailing
Ex. I need to get high qualifications to be able to drive in Shanghai

Certificate – often a piece of paper that says you are qualified
Pronunciation – ser-ti-fi-kate
Ex. I was given my certificate today and I can now legally drive
Ex. My friends bought a motorbike but he doesn’t have the certificate so he can’t drive it on the road

Towel – something you use to get dry
Tap – the thing that lets water come into the sink
Shampoo – hair soap
Conditioner – a lotion for after the shampoo