F2F Class Notes 9th April (Jesse)

grave – the part where the body is lying

cemetery – the park with the graves

tomb sweeping day

rest / resting 

eg. that’s where she’s resting

niece (female) / nephew (male) – your brother/sister’s kids

sibling = brother / sister

swan – “swon

peacock – kong que

she is the first relative i have lost 

how can we do? what can we do? 

we can do nothing – we can’t do anything / there is nothing we can do 

accompany them / be with them

eg. I was with her until the end

the very next moment

eg. she was alive, and the very next moment she was gone

powerlessness / helplessness 

eg. i felt a lot of helplessness / i felt helpless

eg2. there was a strong feeling of helplessness

heaven – tian tang

paradise – the perfect world / place

eg. the cemetery was like a paradise so it made me feel ok to know she was in heaven

right in front of your eyes – immediately before you

eg. i watched her pass away right in front of my eyes

out of it – unconscious

eg. i was just out of it all day

at her house / at her home 

know about her – you have information about her

know her – you have a relationship with her

eg. i didn’t know her very well

i know about that movie, but i don’t really know it.

cooked us

cooked for us

it’s just not the same

eg. you know how when you eat your grandma’s cooking and then eat the same food outside, it’s just not the same..?