F2F Class Notes 9th April (Celeste)

The wheels are bad. – The wheels are broken.

So I took it to a place repair it. – I took it to a repair shop.

baggage = suitcase

If someone likes me, maybe I won’t like them.

When I was in university.

ok cupid – ok q pid

Some people use tinder to find friends, dates, or boyfriends or girlfriends.

Just have a look, so fast. – I will just have a quick look.

Ex: I want to take a quick look at the gardens.

Ex: We want to have a quick look at the new handbags at the mall.

We will go to gallery but I’m not sure because she haven’t called me. – We might go to a gallery, but I’m not sure because she hasn’t called me.

Ex: Maybe we will go to a gallery, but I’m not sure because she hasn’t called me.

Ex: Maybe it will rain later today.

Ex: I might stay home tomorrow if it rains.

Ex: I might go to bed soon, I’m very tired.

It is heavily raining. / It is raining heavily.

The heavy rain in today. – It is raining heavily today. / It is heavily raining today. / There is heavy rain today.

art studio – a place where artists make their art

studio apartment – apartment without a real bedroom

near my apartment / nearby my apartment / close to my apartment

The shopping mall opens at 10am and closes at 10pm.

masseur (man) / masseuse (woman) / massage therapist (men and women) – people who give massages

Ex: The massage therapists also have numbers.

Ex: I would like massage therapist number 10.

Ex: I would like masseuse number 10.

Ex: I would like masseur number 10.

disturb = bother/bug

Ex: I have a question that has been bothering me.

Ex: Something is bothering me.

Ex: It bothers me.

Ex: It bugs me.

Ex: You bug me.

Ex: The flies are bugging me.

In university, I want my english better.In university, I wanted my English to get better.

episode – one show

Ex: I watched the latest episode.

series – whole show

Ex: I love the Scandal series.

season – 12, 20, 24 episodes

Ex: I watched all four seasons.

How to get away with murder = how to not get in trouble for killing somebody

“Homework: Watch the 5th season of Scandal. Also, check out “How to Get Away with Murder”